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Betta Fish Diseases

Betta fish share the same variety of diseases and parasites as other tropical fish. While you won't usually take your betta fish to the vet, it doesn't mean that there is nothing to do about it. This website being intended at beginners to betta fish, we won't go in-depth into the various fish diseases. Instead, here are a few pointers to remember when it comes to the health of your betta fish -

  • Prevention is the best medicine. Make sure that your fish tank is well maintained and that your fish are well fed and stress free.
  • Try to find a local expert on betta fish. This could be the fish guy at your local pet store or simply an experienced betta fish owner. You want to have someone that can guide you in the right direction should you encounter any problems.
  • Watch your bettas as often as possible (yes, you probably will be watching them anyway...) and learn to know their behavior and specific looks. Try to intercept changes as early on as lack of appetite, change of color, hiding, change in breathing pattern or any other changes in the betta fish behavior and appearance can all be possible signs of diseases. Once you notice a change, ask your local expert, check your books and visit the internet for more information.
  • Never treat with antibiotics without careful expert guidance! Simply dropping some antibiotics into your fish tank can be lethal to your fish! The antibiotics will kill the beneficial bacteria that lives in your betta fish tank and thus cause the level of ammonia to rise and kill your fish.