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Betta Fish Facts

Betta fish originated from Cambodia and Thailand (which is why they are also known as Siamese fish or Siamese fighting fish).

Bettas are very colorful fish with colors ranging from bright reds to bright blues.

Adult Betta fish are usually 2-3 inches long and have very developed fan-type tails and fins. Their striking looks make them one of the most popular sweet water aquarium fish.

Bettas usually live 2-3 years. Some betta fish have been known to live longer than that, up to five years and even more. The scientific name of Betta fish is Betta splendens. Fun fact: Betta fish are currently regarded as a member of the Osphronemidae family of fish.

Betta fish possess the labyrinth organ. This special organ is located just behind the head and it is a small chamber with many folds covered in tissue with many blood vessels that allow it to breath atmospheric air.